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Watch the Webinar On-Demand: Tracking VOCs and Their Lifecycles in the Atmosphere with Modern Spectroscopic Technologies.

Flexible, Aberration-Free Raman Spectroscopy
…Now for Inorganic Materials

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Watch the video with Mark Waterland of Massey University, New Zealand:
“Spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging the fast and easy way with the FERGIE integrated spectrograph”

Download the new FERGIE Experiment Note,
“Improving the Collection Efficiency of Raman Scattering”

Raman experiment note


The high performance, flexible FERGIE spectroscopy instrument is the perfect system for your Raman, fluorescence, absorption and other imaging spectroscopy techniques. View the site to learn more about how the compact, integrated FERGIE will change the way you do spectroscopy.


Aberration-free Optical Design

Proprietary, aberration-free optical design

FERGIE spectral profiles are completely free from coma and other aberrations, eliminating broadened asymmetric peak profiles.

Aberration-free Optical Design
Spectroscopy Accessories
Spectroscopy Accessories

Enabling line of accessories

FERGIE’S pre-aligned optical modular spectroscopy cubes, fiber optics and laser sources enable rapid experiment design.

Perfect Imaging Performance

Perfect imaging performance

Proprietary optical design produces diffraction-limited images ideal for microspectroscopy applications at wavelengths from the UV to NIR.

Perfect Imaging Performance
Spectroscopy Integrated Cooling
Spectroscopy Integrated Cooling

Integrated TE-cooled, back-illuminated CCD

Deep-cooled CCD spectrometers provide extreme high sensitivity with 95% peak quantum efficiency. TE cooling down to -45oC allows long integration times for faint signal detection.


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