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Spectroscopy Mapping of Single Fluorescent Microspheres (Chen)

Spectroscopy Mapping of Single Fluorescent Microspheres

Researcher Objectives

Associate Professor Lingling Chen at Shenzhen University (Guangdong Province, China) specializes in biomedical imaging and photonics.

“It is very impressive for such a compact system [FERGIE] to achieve diffraction-limited images and spectra. It means we can attain higher spatial resolution, which is very helpful for us to differentiate normal and diseased tissues in future applications. We may use IntelliCal intensity calibration to make the spectra even more accurate.”




— Associate Professor Lingling Chen


Recently, Associate Professor Chen performed an experiment to validate mapping capacity using a FERGIE system to take fluorescent spectra of a microsphere sample (see Figure 1).

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“For fluorescent spectroscopy mapping applications, acquisition speed is crucial. FERGIE’s frame-transfer readout ensures fast and consecutive capture of many spectra.”




— Associate Professor Lingling Chen

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FERGIE in Action

Associate Professor Chen’s experiment (see Figure 2) utilized FluoSpheres carboxylate-modified microspheres from ThermoFisher Scientific with a 2.0 μm diameter (see Figure 3). The excitation wavelength was 488 nm and the peak emission wavelength was 515 nm. A 10x objective was employed.

The resultant experimental data is presented in Figures 4–6.

“FERGIE works so conveniently with microscopes that the system can be set up in 5 minutes. Its slit design makes switching between the acquisition of images and spectra much easier.”



— Guiye Li, Graduate Student

Dr. Lingling ChenAssociate Professor Lingling Chen
College of Optoelectronic Engineering
Shenzhen University, P.R. China

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