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Features and Benefits of FERGIE Spectroscopy Systems

Imagine what used to take hours can be accomplished in seconds!

With a footprint smaller than a lab notebook, FERGIE provides fast set up of numerous experiments, addressing multiple spectral ranges with high sensitivity and low noise, and a full ecosystem of accessories.

From one of our FERGIE customers:

Prof. Denis Boudreau, Department of Chemistry and Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL) Université Laval, Québec, Canada

“Les gars de PI et toi avez eu un A+ pour le service à la clientèle et le support technique.”

Translated- “The folks from PI and you (Delta Photonics – Canada) earned an A+ for customer service and technical support.” 

FERGIE spectroscopy system
Aberration-Free Spectrograph Diagram
Aberration-free Optical Design

Proprietary, aberration-free optical design

FERGIE spectral profiles are completely free from coma and other aberrations, eliminating broadened asymmetric peak profiles.

accessories icon

Enabling line of accessories

FERGIE’S pre-aligned optical modular spectroscopy cubes, fiber optics and laser sources enable rapid experiment design.

Spectroscopy Accessories
Quantum Efficiency Curve
Integrated TE Cooled

Integrated TE-cooled,
back-illuminated CCD

Provides extreme high sensitivity with 95% peak quantum efficiency. TE cooling down to -45°C allows long integration times for faint signal detection.

Spectroscopy Software Icon

Powerful software

While FERGIE successfully distinguishes itself with innovative hardware, the beautifully designed software orchestrates all inner workings and makes it a pleasure to use the system day in and day out!
Powerful Software
Kinetic Spectroscopy Diagram
Kinetics Icon

Kinetics spectroscopy mode

Software-configurable custom kinetics readout modes allow microsecond time resolution.
USB Icon

High-Speed USB 3.0

Convenient plug-and-play operation
with desktop workstations or laptops.

USB Spectrometer
Software-configurable custom kinetics readout modes allow microsecond time resolution.
Frame Transfer Diagram
Frame Transfer Icon

Frame Transfer CCD Architecture

High-speed frame transfer CCD detector captures full frame images at 34 frames/second and spectral rates over 1kHz (binning 10 rows.)

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