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Princeton Instruments Introduces 532 nm Accessories for FERGIE Spectrographs

September 11, 2018 

Princeton Instruments, a world-renowned manufacturer of scientific cameras and spectroscopy equipment, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 532 nm Raman accessories for its popular and easy-to-use FERGIE spectrometer product line.

As the only aberration-free spectroscopy system on the market today, FERGIE has received numerous accolades from academic and industrial users alike for its outstanding results. The system’s unique optical design and innovative, modular CUBE accessories enable users to perform high-precision Raman, fluorescence, absorption, and transmittance/reflectance measurements with ease.

“FERGIE provides a carefully conceived ecosystem that not only allows researchers to design an experiment quickly but also to switch between different experiments in minimal time,” comments Peng Zou, FERGIE product manager at Princeton Instruments. “We’re now expanding the system’s ecosystem by adding a set of 532 nm accessories, including f-matched Focusing CUBES as well as Raman CUBES with fully aligned Raman notches and clean-up filters. FERGIE makes it easier than ever to conduct even challenging Raman measurements on inorganic and semiconductor materials.”

Raman measurements at 532 nm offer better sensitivity with a higher Raman cross-section () compared to Raman measurements at 785 nm or longer wavelengths. The 532 nm excitation wavelength also delivers higher spatial resolution for Raman microscopy measurements, making it ideal for carbon materials (e.g., graphene and carbon nanotubes) and other thin film material characterization. In contrast, the 785 nm excitation wavelength is preferred for organic and biological samples that have fluorescence background. FERGIE is the perfect choice for both 532 nm and 785 nm Raman applications.

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Collaboration Announced between Princeton Instruments and Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems on Novel Pharmaceutical Technology

May 24, 2018 

Princeton Instruments (PI) and the Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (C-SOPS) are pleased to announce a six-month collaboration on a novel pharmaceutical technology that enables close monitoring and control of drug manufacturing processes. The research will be carried out by Rajesh Davé, distinguished professor of chemical engineering at NJIT and the site-leader of C-SOPS, which is a National Science Foundation-funded Engineering Research Center.

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New FERGIE Distributor in UK and Ireland

November 9, 2017

Princeton Instruments is pleased to announce the signing of distribution agreement with Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd. – formerly LOT UK – to expand sales and local support for the new FERGIE line of imaging spectrographs, associated accessories and systems.

Quantum Design UK and Ireland

Princeton Instruments’ FERGIE is a revolutionary, modular spectrograph designed to handle Raman, fluorescence, absorption/reflectance spectroscopy, microscopy, and hyper-spectroscopy over UV-NIR range. “FERGIE incorporates our proprietary, aberration-free spectrograph design. It is accompanied by a host of accessories including lasers, fiber probes and an ingeniously designed family of cubes to build complete systems in a matter of minutes”, comments Ravi Guntupalli, VP Sales and Marketing at Princeton Instruments. “We are actively expanding our FERGIE team and knowledgeable partners in key territories around the world to provide better support to local customers.”

Part of the Quantum Design International group, Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd. was chosen as a partner because of its long history and experience in supporting research and industrial customers as well as vast knowledge in spectroscopy applications. For more than 30 years, QDI has also been manufacturing and distributing its own industry-leading materials characterization systems.

Princeton Instruments Proprietary Data Format Added to Eigenvector PLA_Toolbox and Solo Software

June 14, 2018 

Princeton Instruments (PI) and Eigenvector Research, Inc. (Eigenvector) are pleased to announce the addition of PI’s proprietary spectral and imaging data format (.SPE) to Eigenvector’s upcoming versions of their PLS_Toolbox and Solo software.

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