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Scholars Grant Program Recipients

Subash Kattel

Award amount:  $500

Subash Kattel, who studies the magneto-optical spectroscopy of nanocrystals doped with rare earth materials in the Rice Research Lab at the University of Wyoming, will receive a $500 Travel Award through Princeton Instruments’ new Scholars Grant Program!

Recipient:  Mr. Subash Kattel (University of Wyoming)

Conference:  APS March Meeting 2018

Event details:  March 5–9 in Los Angeles

Title of talk:  “Optical investigations of the photo-spin-voltaic effect in metal/magnetic insulator heterostructures”

Instruments used:

PyLoN-IR (linear InGaAs camera)

PyLoN (visible-range CCD camera)

SpectraPro 2300 (spectrometer)

SpectraPro 2150 (monochromator)

Mr. Kattel is investigating carrier-dopant spin exchange interactions, including exciton magnetic polaron formation in doped semiconductor nanocrystals (NCs) such as Tb-doped CdSe and Mn-doped PbS nanocrystals.

Rare earth element doped CdSe NCs offer a window into the effects of spin exchange interactions between carriers and f-orbital electrons and due to the high absorption of these NCs may lead to applications in increased laser efficiency.

PbS NCs, a system that can support the generation of multiple excitons, may also show evidence of multiple polaron formation when magnetically doped, leading to new polaron physics.

The primary experimental techniques used by Mr. Kattel for these investigations are optical absorption, low-temperature circularly polarized photoluminescence, ultrafast spectroscopy, and temperature- and field-dependent magnetic circular dichroism.

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