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What Users Are Saying

Spectroscopy Techniques for Biosensor Research

Dr. Denis BoudreauDr. Denis Boudreau
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Université Laval
Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL)
Québec, Canada

“One of the ways we use FERGIE is together with a custom-made confocal microscope to collect single-particle fluorescence and scattering data that is then correlated with electron microscopy data.”

Studying Graphene Ribbons with Raman Spectroscopy

Associate Professor
Mark Waterland

Institute of Fundamental Sciences
Massey University, New Zealand

“I can honestly say FERGIE is changing the way we do spectroscopy in our lab.”

Studying Atmospheric Chemistry with Absorption Spectroscopy

Dr. Mark WaterlandDr. Daniel Stone
NERC Fellow / University Academic Fellow
School of Chemistry
University of Leeds, United Kingdom

“The ability to set up FERGIE so quickly… no alignment was necessary… allowed me to focus on integrating it within the experiment straight away.”

Spectroscopy Mapping of Single Fluorescent Microspheres

Dr. Lingling ChenAssociate Professor Lingling Chen
Shenzhen University, P.R. China

“It is very impressive for such a compact system…”

Microspectroscopy Study of Fluorescence from Colloidal Quantum Dots

Dr. Haiyan QinDr. Haiyan Qin, Associate Research Professor
Department of Chemistry
Zhejiang University, P.R. China

“We obtained very sharp images with FERGIE, which is not possible with a Czerny-Turner spectrometer.”

Collecting Raman Spectrum from Monolayer Graphene

Prof. Dr. Ping-Heng Tan
Institute of Semiconductors
Chinese Academy of Sciences

“FERGIE is a very compact system. The modular design makes it extremely convenient to use with microscopes, either by fiber or direct coupling.”

Performing Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Assistant Professor Niliam ShahAssistant Professor
Nilam C. Shah

Department of Chemistry
Lake Forest College, USA

“I can teach undergraduates with no experience in optics or spectroscopy to operate the system in less than one hour.”

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